Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another Dinghy Project on the horizon ??

A recent posting on the Albin Vega Yahoo Forum has stirred my interest. This always seems to happen right about the time the present project is about two thirds done.

The posting was a link to Duckworks Boat Builders Supply, Origami Dinghy page.  Boats should be pleasing to the eye, all curves and roundness, with beautiful sheer lines, but this little dink has to be one of the ugliest boats I've ever laid eyes on.

What intrigues me is that, judging by the videos, it performs amazingly well. Coupled with the fact that it weighs only about 30 pounds is it's amazing ability to be folded into a very flat stowable package. It would probably fit in the forepeak of our Vega ... right up there with the folding bike.

More research is needed before I buy the plans, but I have a gut feeling I'd better clear another space in the workshop!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The "BLACK FLY" Dinghy 2: Centerboard slot and case.

The centerboard slot is cut into the keel.

Because of my concern that the slot may weaken the keel's strength, I extended the designed side supports on either side for 4", to help spread the load.