Thursday, February 14, 2013

Boat Rescue part 15: Playing with LED Strip Lighting.


Today I opened the goody drawer and pulled out some things I bought a while ago to light the cabin. My idea is to have the cabins lit with indirect lighting along both sides. The valences covering the hull-deck joint seemed a logical place. The idea is to illuminate the boat enough to find ones way around without draining the battery. To do this I picked up some strip LED's on ebay.
Strip LED's with a solder terminal every three diodes.

They came in a 15' roll with with soldering pads every third diode so one can create custom lengths, Cost, including shipping, was less than seven dollars. 
Valence, upside down, on the bench.

 The valence is a 2 1/2" piece of 3/8" mahogany plywood attached to the underneath of the deck joint with two or three short pieces of 1" aluminum angle. Along the back of the valence a wood strip approximately 3/4" x 3/8" is attached, and the self-adhesive LED strip is stuck to the bottom of the strip, so the LED's are facing downward.

 The entire 15' strip draws about 13 Watts, and has a warm white color.

Starboard shelf behind settee.
Port shelf behind settee.
 Lighting tests were made using an old emergency lighting battery. Next job is illuminate both sides of the V-berth and the quarter berth, then install final wiring and switches.

I also found, and ordered, a 15' strip that had 600 LED's instead of 300, and was also waterproof. I'll use this in places where I can use shorter strips for more intense light.

Now, to find some decent bulkhead reading lights ...

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