Wednesday, May 8, 2013

BOAT RESCUE PART 17: More progress pictures.


Continued from post 16, here is more on the head and tank system:
Lid screwed down

Top hoses are two vents, bottom hoses are waste in and out lines.

New Raritan PHC head.

Tank outlet to 1 1/4" thru-hull.

Inlet from head to tank, connects to standpipe inside tank, eliminating unsightly hose on outside of tank.

The "New Kid", a Raritan PHC.
I've got the cockpit locker lids partially done:
Mahogany ply and solid wood edging.

Cutting plugs off.

Test fit.
With warmer and drier weather here at last I'm returning to the exterior paintwork, starting with the decks and cockpit area, using System Three water bourne WR-LPU paints.

Well, we're one-boat-owners again as "Sin Tacha", our Albin Vega, has passed to a new custodian. Although I wasn't looking for a buyer until the Ballad was finished, the right person showed up and has given her a new home in Port Orchard, Washington.
I miss escaping boat work to enjoy a bit of sailing, but it's freed me up to concentrate on getting "Bennath" finished ... hopefully for the 2013 Pacific Northwest Albin Vega Rendezvous in September 10-11.

"Sin Tacha"

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  1. Your work on the Albin Ballad looks awesome. I purchased Albin Vega, Mahina (John Neal's Hull #322). I am currently looking to restore and "rescue" Mahina. I am pulling it out from the Anacortes Marina this June, and hope to grind the exterior paint coats before I go to Alaska sailing as crew for a small flotilla. I would really like to speak and meet up with you at the Rendezvous this September to share my plans, and get suggestions and advice.