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It's been a busy summer ... is it almost over already? Between trips in Sin Tacha to the Albin Vega Rendezvous (which turned into an eleven day jaunt) and two weeks in Oklahoma with the "kids", there has been less work done on the Ballad than usual.
I'll update with some captioned photos:

Work continued on the interior:
Water Tank under V-berth.
Because I used slightly thicker plywood for the bulkheads, the chain plates support (lying beween the two bulkheads) would no longer fit. It was cut, shortened, and re-welded to fit tightly between the new plywood. This had to be done on both sides.
Chain Plate Support.

Chain Plates.

Settee work.

More settee work.

Starboard settee.

Main Cabin.

 The original fiberglass cooler box was re-used, but with a better quality foam insulation. It's only one inch (25mm) thick as that's all the room there is between the galley cabinet sides. This is one of the areas that may get re-worked in the future, maybe even install a small refrigeration setup.

Finished Cooler.

Origo 6000 installed.
 Installing the oven/stove top took me quite a while, as I had none of the original pieces to use as patterns. I also wanted it to look as "Albin" as possible.
Counters being made.
 The counter tops were made from 9mm marine plywood with Formica glued (contact cement) to both sides. Again, very much like the original tops, but in "Sail White" colour.
Finished Galley.

Applying the base coat.
 Starting to think about exterior painting, I gave my truck canopy a new paint job, just to get in the painting mood!
Clearcoat applied.

Test panel: sliding hatch.
 I've settled on using System Three® WR-LPU™  two-part, water-borne linear polyurethane enamel. I've also chosen to use their fairing product and their epoxy primer.  I had a small sample of their paint so made a test run on the hatch cover, which yielded satisfactory results, both in colour and level of gloss. I'm staying close to the original Albin colour scheme: white topsides and off-white cabin/deck/cockpit areas.

Getting ready for primer.
So, before the good weather leaves, I need to get busy!!
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