Thursday, June 13, 2013


Previously: PART 18: A NEW TILLER

Here are some progress photos of the project to date:

Stern rail repair:
Trying to jack out bent pushpit.
Damaged section removed.
Bending new section for repair.

Sleeved joint.
New section fitted ...
... and professionally welded.

Work on the dodger (spray hood) has started. Sunbrella material and stainless pipe and fittings have been ordered.
Frame pattern bent up from 3/4" EMT

Craft paper cover taped on.

Front view, with windows sketched in.

Paint work on the decks and cockpit was divided into four sections:
- cockpit
- main cabin top
- port side decks and cabin side
- starboard side decks and cabin side

Each section was masked off separately, painted with three coats of System Three WR-LPU water-born paint, then covered over to protect from over-spray from the next area.
Although a lot of extra masking was done, it was easier to keep a "wet edge" when painting, and kept over-spray off areas already painted. It also helped to avoid stepping in the wet paint!
Port side painted.

Port side of decks done.

New paint on smooth areas.
Non-skid masking.
Non-skid painted a contrasting colour.
Next comes bolting on all the hardware that was cleaned up and re-built over the winter. It's a joy to see her start looking like a boat again, as the basement slowly empties of all the boat pieces.


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