Sunday, August 18, 2013



Our dodger materials arrived a week early so the few days of relaxation I'd planned to have before the launch instead turned into a sewing frenzy in our basement sewing room.

Lowering the mast onto the boat.

Hitched up and ready to go.

Last minute strap down.

We towed the boat out to Westport Marina in Sidney B.C. and had her lifted off the trailer and the mast stepped by the very able crew at Delta Rigging.

Arrival at Westport Marina.

My happy helpers (L to R) Neil, Brian, Diana, Ulla (my wife), and Marilyn.

In the air.

Painting the keel bottom.

And down she goes.

First time in the water after 10 years.

Getting ready to step the mast.

And up she goes.

Rui Vargas, of Delta Rigging, and Neil guiding the 'stick' down the hole.

Rui attaching Windex and VHF antenna.

At this point it was time to pop a cork and celebrate with our friends.

Cork popped!

After more than a day of getting everything sorted we finally got under way, with Brian and Diana following us in their Wauquiez 32 'Simply Super' to make sure all was well.

We motored 4 miles to a popular anchorage where we shared dinner and celebratory drinks with our friends. Next morning a nice 12 knot breeze was blowing, and we beat our way home the 32 miles to Pedder Bay Marina.

On a port tack to Pedder Bay.

Ulla's grin says it all: This boat loves to sail !!!

So now it's time to settle into a new boat, learn how to sail her, and add the million little things needed to make her ours. No rush ... one little project at a time .... with lots of sailing in between.

I'd like to add a special note of thanks to Westport's travel lift crew, and to Delta Rigging, especially Rui, who went the extra mile to make things happen and shared his knowledge freely.

So, no more "RESCUE" posts ... she's looking pretty 'rescued' in her new slip.


  1. Peter,
    Many congratulations with the launch of your Albin Ballad. Great job and fantastic reports about the restoration project. Thanks for sharing and happy sailing!

    Frans van der Wel
    Aemilia III-

  2. Congrats on your Launch, Peter

    Paul Fairchild

  3. She looks beautiful, such a lovely job you've made there. Keep the reports coming!

    Mark, (Triola)