Saturday, November 9, 2013


The Ballad has a small anchor cradle to the starboard side of the fore stay attachment, an integral part of that fitting. Trying to fit my 10kg Bruce there was not an option. Looking at the Windline BRM-4, especially made for the 10kg Bruce, I found it was about 1/2" too wide to squeeze on the port side, between the fore stay fitting and the stanchion upright. So ... back to the drawing board.

My spare anchor is a 7kg Bruce "clone" and looked like it might fit the bill.

Starboard view of smaller "Bruce"

I drilled a hole through the forward part of the shank to align with the holes in the Ballad anchor mount and used a 1/4" bolt to hold it fast. This will soon be replaced by a spring-loaded pin to make it a one-handed job to undo.
The original bronze anchor roller was replaced with a larger Delrin one, with deeper and narrower groove to hold the shank better.

Port view of smaller "Bruce" (wing nut is on temporary holding bolt, soon to replaced by a pin)
 This setup held the head of the anchor well enough, but the tail end was free to flop around. An order to Marine Parts Depot for an anchor lock solved the problem.
Anchor Lock, raised up on 3/4" block, and bolted through the deck.
Aft view of anchor lock.
It's a compromise, as it's a bit small for a 30' boat, but will be OK for 90% of my anchoring needs. If I need a bigger hook for an overnight anchorage it's a simple matter to swap it for the 10kg Bruce or the 25lb CQR that I have as spares.

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