Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Tired of worrying about battery drain every time I turned on a cabin light, I've converted to LED's in all Sin Tacha's inside lighting, and the anchor light at the mast head.

Most of my bulbs came from LED Wholsalers  and were a lot more reasonable than many of the bulbs advertised as "marine". The marine ones may be better, but for the relatively small outlay I'm willing to experiment with the cheaper ones. It takes a little digging to find the right bulb for each purpose, but that's half the fun.

The  three dome lights have been modified to accept festoon LED bulbs.

It involved changing the socket to a festoon bulb holder, not too big a deal.

The two little bulkhead lights in the main cabin were moved to the galley, one on each side, and attached to the top face of the cabinets. They were already festoon holders so conversion was a snap.

In their place some larger lights were installed, again with warm white LED's.

The current draw is minimal, and it's hard to get used to turning on all the cabin lights without worrying about draining the battery! One nice thing is that most LED's are available in warm white colours, giving the cabin a cozy glow, while still being bright enough for reading.

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  1. Good to read that you have also seen "the light" and changed to LED lighting! LED Lights are also very efficient, thus eco-friendly. So you're not doing yourself, but also the environment a pleasure. Thanks for sharing this!

    Take care,