Thursday, April 15, 2010


I've installed a pair of weather cloths along Sin Tacha's cockpit sides to create a little more shelter in the cockpit. I had shorter ones before, lashed top and bottom to the boat and stretched nicely flat, but this time I opted to go for the "baggy" look because the way I have them fastened makes them easily removable in seconds. Being a bit baggy allows clearance around the winches, and it's easy to lower a lifeline for access to the cockpit.
(Click on any picture for a larger image.)

Side view, shows overall "baggy" look:
(You can see how the Dodger and sail cover material has faded in two years!)

Velcro strap around lower mid stanchion:

Snaps around upper mid stanchion (open):

Snaps around upper mid stanchion (closed):

Forward end hooked to loop lashed to lifeline:

Lower forward end with a "Lift-the-Dot" fastener:

Aft end, bungy cords and hooks:

Full length top attachment using Velcro, with a strip of webbing over the lifeline as a "wear" strip:

Inside view of cockpit:
On our first test sail we were pleasantly surprised at the difference this simple addition makes to sailing comfort in cool weather.

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