Saturday, June 5, 2010

The "BLACK FLY" Dinghy 7: First Sail

Today we loaded the 'Fly' on the car, stuffed the rig and sail in the back, and headed down to the marina for the first sail. Pedder Bay is pretty sheltered, and there's always a good breeze blowing, either into or out of the Bay.

Unloading was really easy. The thing only weighs about 30 lbs and was easy to move from the car roof to the dock. With gear loaded in the dinghy I rowed around to where my boat is moored, and installed the mast, boom, sail, and rudder in an adjoining empty slip.

As there is no floatation in it yet, I strapped two PFD's under the main thwart ... just in case. Other safety gear included my own PFD, a waterproof hand-held VHF radio, and a bailing bucket .... oh yes, and a roll of duct tape!

With a head wind coming into the Bay, I had an enjoyable beat up to the mouth, taking about an hour. She points quite well, and tacks very quickly.  Turning around at the mouth of the Bay, I had a good ten minute run back to my slip. She really flys in a light breeze!

As with most small sailboats, it takes only a hint of wind to move, This one seems quite nimble, possibly due to it's light weight.

Towing the 'FLY

Next on my list is to master the art of landing on a rocky beach without damaging the hull!

And a test sail at the Annual Vega Rendezvos:

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